Selling Your Horse

When you find yourself wanting or needing to sell your horse you should be able to trust someone to find the right home and the right price, all without you having to be more involved than you choose to be.  Whether you have an Eventer, Dressage or Show Jumper of any level, or a trustworthy family hack, the desired outcomes of a good home and a good price are the same, although the means by which that good home are found can and at times should vary a great deal.  Accompanying a sale, the logistics of prospective purchasers riding your horse, organising vettings, arranging domestic or international transport and quarantine, can all be quite a distraction from your everyday life.

Black Hawk Farm provides a professional marketing and sales service that takes virtually all of the challenge and distraction out of your hands – you can be as involved, or uninvolved, as you wish.  Based on your preferences, we will compile for you a concise marketing plan for your horse and this will be the basis of us working together.  It may be that you’d like as many people to consider your horse as possible to reduce the period of time your horse is on the market, in which case we would recommend openly advertising your horse on a variety of online and occasionally printed publications, including the Black Hawk Farm web site and Black Hawk Farm Facebook page.  If you’d prefer more discretion then less obvious means of introducing your horse to candidate purchasers will be undertaken.  There is no direct cost to you for this service – it is only upon sale of your horse by Black Hawk Farm that a 10% marketing and sales commission is to be paid.

After tragically loosing our horse we were up for the impossible task of finding a new show jumper to fill the gap. We were looking for something extra special and after looking for a while with no luck we contacted Carolyn at Black Hawk Farm to help us out. Within the same day Carolyn had put together a list of quality horses that fitted our requirements and organized flights and appointments with owners. Carolyn managed to source us a fantastic mare who has exceeded our expectations in every way and we are absolutely thrilled with her.

We were very impressed with the prompt organization and how easy everything was throughout the whole process from the airport pickup to the to the presentation of the horses through to the final vetting and transportation. Considering the circumstances, looking for a new horse was looking to be a very challenging task but from the minute we contacted Black Hawk Farm all the hassle was taken away and we couldn’t be more pleased with finding our lovely mare as the outcome.

Anna & Jennie Wishart (Auckland, 2014)

How Do I Know I’m Not Being Ripped Off?


Transparency is a hallmark of the way we work.  Once you express serious interest in a horse we will introduce you and the owner to each other so you can have frank discussions about the horse and your intentions.  If you decide to purchase the horse we will conduct the transaction openly with all parties being included in emails, and an electronic copy of the transaction will be sent to all parties as proof of what funds have gone to whom.

If you would like to talk with people whose horses we have marketed and sold then please let us know and we will happily arrange this.  


Marketing Your Horse

Beautiful photos and excellent video of your horse training and competing can make all the difference between someone taking a second look look at your horse or passing it by.  Modern mobile phones have excellent cameras and it has never been easier to grab good photos or video of horses in action.  If you intend to one day sell your horse then periodically collect photos and videos and keep them somewhere safe until you need them.  If you have decided to sell your horse and already have good photos and video and would like to forward them to Black Hawk Farm to help in the marketing of your horse then you can do so right here.  Please ensure you have the rights to use any photos or videos you upload for marketing your horse.

For your own use we have put together a checklist of the most important things to consider when selling your horse.  Please feel free to use this checklist when marketing and selling your own horse or in conjunction with someone else.  The checklist is available from the gold panel titled Seller Checklist.


Seller Checklist

Black Hawk Farm has prepared a Seller Checklist for use when marketing and selling your horse. Feel free to download the checklist.

Please review the rest of our web site.  There’s plenty of useful information on the Looking For A Horse page to help you understand how we work to source horses.

Terms of Engagement

Black Hawk Farm has formal Terms of Engagement for Looking for a Horse and for Selling Your Horse. Whilst Terms of Engagement are legally required, we find them to be more useful to explain how we work and making sure everyone has the same understanding.

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