From time to time Black Hawk Farm acquires horses that would otherwise have a pained life or no life at all.  These are beautiful creatures that haven’t yet found their forever home.

Whilst with us, we care for these horses as we do our sport horse team. Like clockwork, all the horses are wormed, have their hooves trimmed, their manes and tails tended to, their teeth done, and played with every day.  They want for nothing.

Prodominately off the racetrack, Black Hawk Farm and other similar farms accept a social responsibility for caring for the horses that don’t have an obvious life.  We have been humbled by trainers in our particular area who responsibly re-home their retired stock.  Team Zimmerman is an excellent example of a race team who considers retirement from racing not an end but a new beginning.

Some of these horses will never be highly performing sport horses, some will, but all would be wonderful companions for life and deserve a chance.  Please call or message Carolyn if you would like to come and meet these second wind horses.

Love to hear from you!

You can reach Carolyn by phone on +64 21 972 433,  by email at, or by sending a message below.