Black Hawk Farm

Black Hawk Farm produces recreational and sport horses for the New Zealand and international markets, and provides marketing and sourcing services for people wanting to sell their horses and people wanting to buy horses.  Carolyn Jolley (that’s her in the photo at the top of this page) owns and operates Black Hawk Farm from the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand.

Carolyn started marketing her own horses due to the generally poor service she had encountered previously when other parties presented prospective buyers for her horses.  Marketing her own horses grew into marketing other people’s horses, which grew into sourcing horses for other people, and today through Black Hawk Farm, Carolyn provides professional marketing and sourcing services for recreational to Olympic sport horses.   Carolyn believes people should choose horses themselves and be very comfortable with why they have made their decision,  and that it is her job to provide the information necessary for the best decision to be made.  Please read through the Looking For A Horse page and the Selling Your Horse page for more information about these services.

Thank you for your help while I was horse hunting, Carolyn. You were amazing to deal with, so professional and helpful.

Louisa Hill (Auckland, 2014)

Alongside marketing and sourcing horses for people, Black Hawk Farm manages the producing of its own recreational and sport horses. An uncommon approach is undertaken where each horse is placed with a specifically selected professional trainer for a period of time to develop particular skills.  The majority of the sport horses Black Hawk Farm produces are eventers, although we currently have a Grand Prix showjumping stallion, and a very content National Champion Showing horse.

Black Hawk Farm has been fortunate to have produced some top level eventers such as Black Hawk (the namesake of the business) who was ridden in the United States by Stephen Bradley, Parklane Hawk who is ridden by William Fox-Pitt, and War Hawk who is ridden by Australia’s Olympian, Stuart Tinney.

Parklane Hawk

Parklane Hawk & William Fox-Pitt

War Hawk

War Hawk & Stuart Tinney

As satisfying as the above Hawks are, so are the Hawks that take riders from pony club to horse trials.  Some of the more recent Hawks around New Zealand and Australia are Victory Hawk ridden by Lillian Anderson, and Chief Bear Hawk ridden by Ryan Haste.

Black Hawk Farm also rehabilitates and re-homes retired racehorses.  We call these second wind horses.  Please have a look at the Second Wind Horses page for more details if you’re interested in providing a long term home for one of these horses.

Team Black Hawk


Black Hawk Farm currently has the best team of horses it’s ever had.  These are horses currently being produced.  Some of this team will become available for purchase in the near future.  Feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more about any of these horses.

Black Hawk Farm simply could not operate without the contribution and support of the professionals and friends it is fortunate to work with.  Whether you’re a trainer, a vet, a farrier, or someone who holds a horse while someone else ducks off for five minutes, you are all essential to Black Hawk Farm and we thank you.

A quick word about the layout of this web site.  Most pages have gold coloured panels and this is where we have placed things you may find useful and that accompany the story on each page.  And every page provides you several ways to get in touch with us.  Please have a look around and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see added or changed.

Terms of Engagement

Black Hawk Farm has formal Terms of Engagement for Looking for a Horse and for Selling Your Horse. Whilst Terms of Engagement are legally required, we find them to be more useful to explain how we work and making sure everyone has the same understanding.

Love to hear from you!

You can reach Carolyn by phone on +64 21 972 433,  by email at, or by sending a message below.